Risk Solutions International

Professional Firms

Special Duty of Care

Because of the legal, accounting, engineering and consulting work done for their clients by professional services firms – and the unique access these companies have to client information – having a viable business continuity plan is mission critical. The absence of an operational resilience plan can be a deciding factor in being engaged by cautious, risk-averse clients.

These companies want tangible assurance that their data files and records are secure at their professional services providers and readily accessible. They want to know that their professional firms are good stewards of their information, and can recover and resume operations quickly and effectively after disruption - so the matters they handle can proceed unencumbered.

Information Security

Information security – the confidentiality, integrity and availability of records and data – can likewise be a critical litmus test for clients that are considering hiring or retaining professional firms. Whether it is information that professional firms are compelled to protect by regulation, statute or contract, or sensitive intellectual property whose disclosure could result in strategic harm to its clients, professional firms must be good custodians of their clients’ data.

Clients want to feel confident that sufficient and effective safeguards are in place. They want assurance that access to their proprietary information is protected from companies and countries that practice industrial and sovereign espionage, from criminals who trade in stolen information, and from digital “anarchists” who want to humiliate companies by exposing their secrets.

Services and Solutions

Risk Solutions International develops business continuity, disaster recovery, information security and emergency management plans and policies for professional firms - in a way that is minimally intrusive and respects the sometimes limited availability of key partners during the process.