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Risk Solutions International - RSI to Provide Complimentary Review of Emergency and Continuity Plans

Manhattan-based Company Offers Assistance to Tri-State Area Companies Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

New York, NY. Risk Solutions International (RSI) announced today that it would conduct a free review of emergency and business continuity plans of local companies impacted by the recent Hurricane. The New York City consulting firm has offered to help local entities identify how well their plans worked in responding to the damaging storm, and in supporting the continuity of their operations after it was over.

Firm executives said that its consultants would provide an independent professional opinion on local businesses’ emergency management plans, crisis response plans or business continuity plans, in order to help companies decide if they should update or change their plans - based on how well they worked during Hurricane Sandy.

RSI also acknowledged that many affected companies may not yet be fully recovered, and not ready to assess the effectiveness of their plans for possibly weeks to come.

“We understand that many neighboring companies experienced flooding, power and generator failure, wind damage and other impacts from the hurricane, and that they just are not ready to assess their preparedness and their response capacity just yet,” said Duane Lohn, Executive Vice President and Managing Partner at RSI.

“The ongoing safety and well-being of staff – and the recovery of their homes and resolution of their living situations is most important.” he added. “So when companies begin to regain a sense of normalcy and are ready to look back, analyze and review lessons learned, and how their emergency operations and business continuity plans performed during the Hurricane, our firm would like to offer our assistance.”

RSI will offer tips and suggestions for making improvements to the planning process, organization and approach that storm-affected companies might want to consider taking in their operational continuity and crisis planning next year.

“We feel an obligation to our neighboring companies, so the next time - and we know there will be a next time - their organizations and their people will be better prepared and their business disruption minimal,” said Scott Corzine, Senior Vice President at RSI. “I will be personally available to talk with interested companies when they are ready.”


Risk Solutions International is an operational risk management consulting and advisory firm. RSI provides public and private sector clients solutions in emergency and crisis management, business continuity, IT disaster recovery and data security.

For further information, please visit http://www.rsi-llc.com or call 877-774-1900.

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Duane Lohn

Duane Lohn

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Scott Corzine

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