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Risk Solutions International developed a new enhanced situational awareness module that can be added onto your emergency management plan website

Visual Asset Manager™


Risk Solutions International has developed a new enhanced situational awareness module that can be added onto your emergency management plan website.

Visual Asset Manager™ is a repository for uploading, labeling and managing rich media and visual data that can be used by internal and community first responders to gain situational awareness at any school to which they are called to put staff or officers in harm’s way during potential crises. The Visual Asset Manager upgrade houses:

  • aerial satellite (ortho) photographs of each school building and surrounding neighborhood

  • oblique aerial photographs of each school building (45° angle from north, south, east and west perspectives)

  • 360° photographs (of active or high risk areas such as cafeterias, stairwells, or hallway intersections)

  • live links from IT-enabled CCTV cameras

  • still photographs of controls and locations for:

    • access control systems

    • fire suppression systems

    • utility systems

    • mechanical systems

Loading the Visual Asset Manager™

Risk Solutions International makes it easy to locate, upload, label and categorize each visual asset – for each school. Thumbnail shots are included to make items easy to find during emergencies. Our access control system ensures that they can only be viewed by those staff members and first responders who the plan administrator designates – keeping this data secure and protected.

Once the Visual Asset Manager™ has been integrated into the district’s, college’s or university’s emergency management plan website, Risk Solutions International staff will obtain and upload all oblique aerial and satellite “ortho” photographs as part of the installation process.

An RSI specialist will train your staff (or the Photography Club or Photography course participants) on how to take still photographs of the utility, fire suppression, mechanical and access control systems, and upload and label them in the Visual Asset Manager™. We will also discuss how to take and upload 360° photographs and how to link live IT-based CCTV feeds.

Sample Visual Asset Manager™ Screen Shots

Budgeting for Visual Asset Manager™

Adding the Visual Asset Manager™ module is cost-effective, straightforward and all-inclusive:

  • Technical implementation - adding the Visual Asset Manager™ module upgrade to your current website

  • Integration with access control levels and the Facilities section of the website

  • Location, upload and descriptions of one (1) satellite “ortho” shot from straight overhead for each school and facility, and four (4) 45° oblique aerial shots (from north, south, east and west) of each school and facility

  • One (1) day on-site or Web training so that:

    • school or district personnel (or photography enthusiasts) can learn to take and upload all:

      • still shots of emergency-related systems and controls

      • 360° shots of high risk areas

    • IT and security technology staff can link live CCTV feeds into the Visual Asset Manager™ module

The fee for this entire end-to-end process is a one-time charge based on the number of schools, facilities or buildings. It is payable half up-front, and half upon completion of the training.

For clients with earlier versions of a Risk Solutions International emergency management plan website that may be incompatible with the Visual Asset Manager™ module, we can discuss upgrading to a more advanced website version that enables Visual Asset Manager™ integration.

For more information, call Scott Corzine at 917-930-5300, or Duane Lohn at 602-321- 9818.

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