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Risk Solutions International (RSI) - RSI's Business Continuity Software Now Available for U.S. Airports


RSI’s Business Continuity Software Now Available for U.S. Airports

Custom BCP Software and Guidebook Published by the TRB New York, NY.

Risk Solutions International (RSI) announced today that its business continuity guidebook and software for airports has now been published by the Transportation Research Board (TRB). It can be downloaded or purchased directly from the TRB at http://onlinepubs.trb.org/onlinepubs/acrp/acrp_rpt_093.pdf.

The software application is available to airports to install via CD, which accompanies the guidebook written by RSI, entitled Operational and Business Continuity Planning for Prolonged Airport Disruptions.

The software is the result of a three year research and development project funded for the TRB by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The TRB is part of the National Academy of Sciences.

A Risk Solutions International spokesperson said that the BCP software was a firstof-its-kind tool that will make resilience planning accessible to airports through an easy-to-use survey that is dynamically presented to users based on their answers to previous questions in the survey.

The spokesperson said that the software then customizes a complete business continuity plan on screen in HTML format so respondents can check their entries, then it dynamically renders a final continuity plan in fully paginated PDF format with a linked table of contents. Each airport’s plan will be based on the airport answers a series of approximately 65 questions for each of 34 airport-specific business and operating functions.

The RSI spokesperson described the BCP guidebook as a 190 page “instruction manual” for non-BCP personnel to help them understand business continuity planning in the airport operating environment, where responsibility for essential functions is shared in a complex mix among airport employees, contractors, tenants, federal agencies and fixed base operators (FBOs).

“The genesis of this project was a ‘problem statement’ developed by airport industry experts for the Airport Cooperative Research Panel (ACRP) which is a program within the TRB,” said Scott Corzine, senior vice president of RSI and principal investigator for the project. “The airport industry had concluded that - while airports excel at safety, security and emergency management - their level of knowledge and practice of business continuity planning were at an immature stage. Our research confirmed and amplified that finding.”

RSI business continuity professionals, airport experts, and an accomplished engineering team then designed and developed what Corzine described as an “intelligent” software tool that dynamically navigates users - from all sizes and types of airports - through a conditionally-presented survey that only ask questions about the essential functions that are operational at each individual airport.

Corzine described the resulting business continuity plan that the software creates as a dynamically-generated on-screen plan for reviewing in HTML format before the software program converts it into a finished product as a fully paginated PDF document specific to each airport’s unique operating circumstances.

“Airports are an important sector of our critical national infrastructure, so we believe they should be encouraged by their state and federal regulators to develop a sustained internal capacity for recovering their mission-essential functions after disruptions,” Corzine said. “RSI expects this software and guidebook will prove to be a valuable resource to help airports move to the ‘next level’ in their continuity planning. We have already received requests to assist airports in implementing their business continuity plans with this tool.”


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