Risk Solutions International

Oil, Gas and Extraction

 Faced with the challenge of providing 24/7 access to global project teams, critical infrastructure, resources, equipment and a demanding and global clientele, the oil, gas and extraction industry recognizes the reputation and financial damage that can be caused by a failure to meet these expectations. Mitigating operational risk has become a mandatory element of sector entities due to heavy regulation, compliance and global client and customer demands.

Terrorism, hurricanes, floods, fires, power failures, labor problems, day-to-day operational issues and normal wear-and-tear on infrastructure and the dimension of the impact from lack of preparedness assumes an imposing presence. Oil, Gas & Extraction organizations are increasingly dedicating substantial resources to mitigate the impact of disruptions and disasters and to create incident/crisis management, emergency response and business continuity/disaster recovery plans.

Industry Drivers and Trends

  • Suppliers, customers and vendor requirements for business continuity and resiliency solutions and capability

  • Corporate Governance and Compliance requirements

  • Regulations mandating emergency response

  • Contractual obligations related to timely project completion

  • Operations significantly dependent upon reliable technology

  • Greater threats to employee and customer safety

  • Maintenance of continuous operations to meet service requirements

  • Need for constant surveillance

  • 24/7 access to information is mission critical


Risk Solutions International has developed integrated emergency response and business continuity plans to ensure the safety of employees, create a business continuity plan that provides alternate accommodations and operating facilities, and links operational recovery plans with the reconstruction of the affected area of the property after regional damage incidents.

Oil, gas & extraction organizations are concerned about regulations mandating emergency response plans that may require a business continuity plan, emergency management assessment, or an outside third party review of legacy EM/BCP plans to ensure that they address all hazards, viable floor-by-floor notification and evacuation plans, and proactive coordination with municipal/county first responders. Comprehensive, integrated plans that meet client expectations and provide them with the assurance that they can maintain a position to respond to the uncertainties they face – with a sustained internal capacity.