Risk Solutions International


 Special Duty of Care

All not-for-profit organizations operate under the microscope of detailed grant conditions and requirements, benefactor expectations, and a highly competitive funding environment – often a zero-sum-game among competitive non-profits in the same sectors. Well managed policies, spending, capital stewardship are paramount. For arts-oriented organizations, risks associated with the special duty of care required for the safety of performers on the road and active in productions – especially those who may be minors – is a key area of focus. Protecting donor privacy is important to all.

Services and Solutions

Funds available for operational risk services to address these requirements may be highly constrained in this sector. Risk Solutions International has expertise in developing cost-effective business continuity and emergency management plans for non-profit museums, refugee relocation agencies, and performing arts organizations. We typically work at the request of the Board, which has unique oversight and visibility into the unique operational risks and exposures their organizations have, as well as the criticality of managing those risks from the perspective of ongoing funding demands. Our work addresses conventional business continuity considerations for their administrative and operating functions, and those organization-specific activities that are unique to each – from risks associated with maritime locations, to access to critical records of constituents, to the risks of performing arts troupes while on the road.