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Hosted Platforms, Systems, and Software

 Assessment Tools

Risk Solutions International has automated its subject matter expertise by developing proprietary MS Office-based tools to perform security, threat and vulnerability assessments, business impact assessments, and supply chain continuity assessments - across large numbers of facilities, locations, functions, departments, agencies or vendors. These tools capture raw data, roll it up to a master dashboard spreadsheet and enable our consultants to analyze large amounts of data more easily – scaled from the site level to the enterprise.

As part of our ongoing work in global supply chain risk, in addressing the capacity, cost and availability of contingent business interruption (CBI) insurance coverage, and in assessing primary, secondary and tertiary supplier continuity risk, Risk Solutions International has begun implementing a new global supply chain risk management tool. Through a single online dashboard, the tool enables companies with extended global supply chains to:

  • See impact of global incidents on all their locations and supplier locations.

  • Follow incident management throughout a crisis and understand its potential impact on every supplier.

  • Measure compliance with BCP, regulations, conditions of insurance, standards, etc.

  • Track the incident preparedness of all suppliers - at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

  • Have far greater visibility into business interruption risks in the supply chain.

Hosted Plan Development Tools

Risk Solutions International integrates several online business continuity and continuity of operations platforms as part of our commercial and public sector enterprise engagements. These provide automation and scalability for large organizations that want their plan development virtual, and output both electronic and/or hard copy. These platforms are supported by powerful databases, making ongoing entry and editing easy and assuring that resulting plans meet all relevant government guidelines and industry standards for recovery planning.

For critical infrastructure sectors – airports, power and water utilities – and for “multiple unique site” operating models like restaurant, retail oil & gas, retail and convenience store chains, Risk Solutions International’s web-based custom plan development software enables store owners/managers, franchisees and licensees to develop brand-approved continuity, recovery and response plans that are highly customized to their unique locations and operating circumstances. This unique survey-based plan development system offers a specialized, cost effective approach to crisis and recovery planning for small businesses that share common corporate parentage or a franchise brand, or that have common operating challenges.

Web-based "Living" Emergency Management Plans

Progressive organizations – commercial entities, government agencies and colleges, universities and school districts – are upgrading their emergency and crisis management plans to web-based platforms. The case is easy to make to switch away from inches thick paper-based binders and flipcharts – lengthy static documents that few people read or use – to Risk Solutions International’s online emergency plans. Hosted plans are “living” documents that provide long term sustainability. Administrators can edit and update their content in perpetuity, keeping them relevant, effective and aligned with leading practices and industry standards.

Hosted plans can capture and present in a highly usable, intuitive format everything related to preventing/mitigating, preparing for, responding to and recovering from natural and man-made threats and vulnerabilities. They provide links to other affiliated and timely websites. They can present incident and response annexes for all types of hazards, and emergency support functions (ESFs) that are relevant to each unique organization.

Download Risk Solutions International's Hosted Emergency Management Plan Brochure

These integrated websites can address the National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) organization, nomenclature and practice in a thorough way. They become extensive repositories of related documents and content – a central location for everything emergency related.

With multiple levels of password protected access control we enable sections of content to be viewed or edited only by those with the need to know – protecting confidential, sensitive or protected information. First responders, security, campus police, staff, crisis response team members and parents all have different requirements for information from these plans. Only web-based plans can provide that level of access control and content discrimination.

Multiple search modes – functional, keyword, incident type, response type or by role on the incident command team - make fast access to critical data a reality. SSL encryption supports the security and integrity of plan contents.

The Visual Asset Manager function enables organizations to host extensive visual emergency management data in their online plan. This information provides superior situational awareness to internal and external first responders and members of the incident management teams - before putting staff and officers in harm's way during incidents. It makes it easy to find floor plans, evacuation routes and maps of assembly points, oblique and "ortho" aerial photography of the physical plant and surrounding areas, and visuals of mechanical, fire suppression, utility, and HVAC systems, shut-offs and access. It supports 360° photography as well as live IP-enabled CCTV feeds.

Web-based plans also enable large school districts, inter-state or intra-state charter school organizations or statewide education systems to develop the core policies, processes and procedures for each kind of threat, hazard or incident and apply it uniformly across the member institutions – but still enable each individual entity to control and edit a facility-specific section of documents, information, lists, contact information, call trees, diagrams or floor plans.

Risk Solutions International hosts these website plans at highly reliable, secure, state of the art data centers. We provide long term user and technical support to all our clients.

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