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Web-based "Living" Emergency Plans

Many school districts develop very effective emergency response plans and implement them in colorful, graphic flipchart format. These are significant improvements to fat binders that are often difficult to use. But as “static documents,” they are time consuming and expensive to print, update and communicate to large groups of constituents.

As a natural follow-on to these plans, Risk Solutions International develops web-hosted emergency response plans that provide significant advantages over old-fashioned flipcharts. Web plans are living plans which can be updated in perpetuity at essentially no cost – thus providing the long term “sustainability” required for plans built with federal grant funding. They are far more broadly accessible than printed plans, yet portions can be password protected so the right content is available to the right audience 24x7. First responders, security, campus police, teachers, staff, crisis response team members and parents all have different requirements for information from these plans. Only web-based plans can provide that level of access control and content discrimination.

Web-based plans also enable districts to develop the core processes and procedures for each kind of threat, hazard or incident applied uniformly across the district – but still enable each individual school to control and edit a facility-specific section of documents, information, lists, contact information, call trees, diagrams or floor plans.

Searching web-based emergency plans is far easier than scouring printed plans – by role/responsibility, hazard type, response type, or by key word – ensuring that the right information is made available to the right people on a timely basis. And web-based plans can be used as very effective built-in training tools for professional development and new employee orientation. They can grow in depth and breadth without ever becoming overwhelming, like large, heavy expensive flipcharts and binders. And best of all, the district or campus controls the entire data updating process – without requiring outside consultants. We implement these plans both on an installed basis within the district’s intranet or we will host and maintain them at our facilities.

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