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Crisis Response Tactical Mapping Systems

For schools and districts facing the threat of targeted violence – especially in middle & high schools - where vigilance and effective response must be carefully coordinated with Police, Fire, Emergency Management, SWAT or the Bomb Squad we develop state of the art crisis response tactical mapping systems. These are Web-based databases that provide “virtual views” of the complete floor plans, mechanical systems, hazardous materials, points of access and egress, 360º photographs of hallways, rooms and open areas. These systems enable first responders and security/facilities personnel to obtain near perfect “situational awareness” so they know exactly what they face BEFORE they enter a building in response to fires, hostage or shooter situations.

Our tactical mapping systems help make on-site first responders and district security and Crisis Management Team members as effective as possible. They reduce confusion, enhance coordinated response, and ultimately save lives and protect property. Intuitive ease-of-use and effectiveness (before incidents, during transit to emergency sites and at the incident command location itself) are designed into these system.

They include GIS mapping (satellite & aerial views) as well as hundreds of image files and a virtual environment with tactical display that is extremely easy to use.  The GIS mapping is utilized to integrate traffic diversions, reunification points, roadblocks, staging areas and other response and planning items.  Emergency plans are integrated into the system and ready for immediate viewing, printing and update.  The systems are accessible both on and off-line from any mobile data terminal (MDT), desktop, notebook or tablet PC.  Updates of all types are easily accomplished via a secure login through your administrator’s web browser.

The systems have been designed to be accessed and updated through a typical web browser (such as Internet Explorer) via a 128-bit SSL encrypted connection. They are built for optimal accessibility via the Web, on mobile hardware and off-line via USB drives or “sticks” that plug ubiquitously into the USB ports of most devices. There are no database commands required or software downloads needed to utilize the system; all administration is conducted on-line.  We manage the entire process of data input, population, design and delivery, and lead district-wide pre-plan sessions to finalize content requirements and user training session at each facility to ensure the utility of these systems for our school clients. 

The Crisis Response Tactical Mapping Systems are extremely easy to use in the field.  They display for district and community emergency personnel, the true “reality” of each building that they may be forced to enter.  They will provide high-resolution views of the exterior and interior of schools keyed to site information including structure, H2O supply/distribution, fire and security protection, contact information of site, first responder and district personnel, Hazardous Materials inventory, guides, amount, locations and images, various accepted tactical guides, site access/egress locations, electronic floor plans aerial & satellite imagery and more. Because they are based on multiple NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) standards, DHS recommended “Best Practices” and the know-how of experienced field professionals, school districts are assured that their system will be designed and structured on proven methodology.

We obtain your original floor plans and integrate emergency response data (evacuation, utility shut-off’s, critical hazardous material locations etc.)  These floor plans are modified with an ID template and will be integrated into your system.  In addition to traditional photography, we incorporate “virtual environments” with the use of specialized cameras and lenses.  These environments (360° views), provide a built in compass as well as the ability to zoom and rotate the users view in all directions.  The free Apple QuickTime Viewer is utilized to view these environments.  The locations of these 360° views are referenced numerically on each floor plan for ease of use.

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