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Higher Education

The effective implementation of emergency management practices and operational continuity planning by both campus officials and local external agencies is now under intense national scrutiny. But the extraordinary challenges facing Higher Education institutions in ensuring the safety and security of their students, staff, physical assets and infrastructure are nothing new for cautious, progressive schools. After critical incidents occur, the maintenance of their reputation and the predictable continuity of their operations becomes equally important.

In the current atmosphere of heightened awareness, Risk Solutions International expects that the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security, Education, Health & Human Services and Justice will each take an active interest in developing new standards for college campuses. We also expect state governments to begin to explore legislating new campus crisis management standards.

Services and Solutions

Risk Solutions International provides Higher Education institutions with a complete campus operational risk solution. As an independent, third party expert that manages to accepted industry standards, our assessments, planning methodology, materials, training, and technology help colleges address the four phases of emergency management across all types of threats and hazards. We help clients understand their total “operational risk footprint” including operational continuity and disaster recovery which, along with physical security concerns, affect their insurance and legal liability profile.

As an active member of the University Risk Management & Insurance Association (URMIA), Risk Solutions International’s services are fully compatible with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) standards. They meet all federal, state, and local regulations— and are considered industry best practices. They address all natural and man-made emergencies which cause critical incidents, the effect these have on smooth educational and operational continuity, and the resulting crisis management issues relating to reputation damage and human recovery:

Independent Assessments & Benchmarking

  • Campus Security & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Regional Threat Assessments
  • Crisis Preparedness Capabilities & Needs Assessments
  • Business Continuity/COOP Assessment Program
  • Online Safety/Security Awareness & Perception Surveys
  • Emergency Notification Requirements Assessments

Standards-Compliant Crisis & Emergency Plans

  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Crisis Communications Plans
  • Pandemic/Infectious Disease Plans
  • Classroom Emergency Procedures Guides
  • Student/Staff Emergency Procedures Wallet Cards
  • Business Continuity/COOP Plans

Suite of Training Courses & Exercise

  • Top Experts in Human Violence and Threat Assessment, Hostage Negotiation, and Security & the Law
  • Classroom Sessions Drills and Tabletop, Functional & Full Scale Exercises
  • Specialty Role Training for Security, Facilities, Faculty and other Departments
  • 100% NIMS and ICS Compliant
  • Train the Trainer Instruction
  • Online Training Courses-- "Understanding School Shootings"

Technology Solutions

  • Anonymous Incident/Warning Reporting System
  • Crisis Response Tactical Mapping System
  • Emergency Notification Systems
  • Incident Tracking Systems

For Additional Information

For additional information on Risk Solutions International’s capabilities within the Higher Education sector, please contact Scott A. Corzine at


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