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The risks facing organizations today are more complex and threatening – and maintaining operations during a crisis can be far more challenging. Ensuring your organization’s viability means looking closely at your internal operations – and external supply chain – to understand how risks impact the continuity of your business. Risk Solutions International helps organizations create strategies to understand and manage their operational risks.

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Risk Solutions International is an independent provider of solutions to the operational risks that organizations face. We help commercial, educational and governmental entities understand and respond to risks that threaten their physical plant, critical operating functions and the people responsible for them within the confusion of an unpredictable environment.

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Our staff maintains top credentials, qualifications, and certifications in their fields of expertise– with practical hands-on know-how from years on the front lines.  They are experienced in risk management and insurance, government critical infrastructure policy, IT and information security and data privacy, and “Big Four” consulting.  They include entrepreneurs and lifelong emergency first responders who have field-managed major global disasters.

Risk Solutions International works across the United States and globally. Everywhere we go, client satisfaction is our key measure of success.

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Dec 1, 2013

Risk Solutions International (RSI) - Six Key ERM Preparations for the Next Sandy

Nov 11, 2013

Risk Solutions International (RSI) - RSI's Business Continuity Software Now Available for U.S. Airports

October 14, 2013

Risk Solutions International (RSI) - REMEMBERING SANDY: Is Your House in Order? A Nonprofit Executive Roundtable on Business Resiliency and Earnings Protection

August 28, 2013

Risk Solutions International (RSI) will be participating in the Oilfield Breakfast Forum on October 9, 2013 in Houston. This event is sponsored by Decision Strategies and is held twice per year. The event is attended by Senior Executives and Board Members of all of the major oil & gas companies and related businesses.

August 27, 2013

Duane Lohn, Executive Vice President & Managing Partner of Risk Solutions International (RSI) will be speaking at the Danish American Business group event being held in NYC on September 10, 2013. The event will feature a cocktail reception followed by presentations by Duane Lohn and Ira Tannenbaum from the NYC Office of Emergency Management. The presentations will focus on resiliency planning, disaster recovery and public and private partnerships.

August 26, 2013

Risk Solutions International (RSI) will be participating and sponsoring with their Latin America partner, GRUPO CP (Interproteccion) on the 2013 Edition of the ERM and Business Continuity Planning Conference. The event will take place at the World Trade Center in Mexico City on October 3-4, 2013. RSI and GRUPO CP (Interproteccion) are currently working together on an international consumer products company with operations through out Mexico and the U.S. The combined team is developing business continuity, crisis and emergency management plans for this organization.

August 26, 2013

Risk Solutions International (RSI) will be attending the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) event in Reno, NV on October 26-29, 2013. The RSI team will also participate in the National Higher Education (College and University) symposium on Saturday and Sunday.

August 26, 2013

Risk Solutions International (RSI) will be attending and one of the sponsors of the Historic Naval Ships Association (HNSA) annual conference on September 18-19, 2013. The Intrepid Air, Sea and Space Museum in New York City is a long term client of RSI and a member of the HNSA. RSI provides the Intrepid Business Continuity and Emergency Operations Planning services and tools.

August 26, 2013

Risk Solutions International will be attending the annual URMIA (University Risk Management Insurance Association) conference in Phoenix, October 12, 16th, 2013.

July 24, 2013

Risk Solutions International - RSI Creates a Business Continuity Solution for U.S. Airports

July 18, 2013

Risk Solutions International - URGENT SOLIDARITY - Washoe County Earthquake Preparedness Exercise Series 2013

July 18, 2013

Risk Solutions International - Washoe County Full-Scale Exercise "Urgent Solidarity"

June 26, 2013

Risk Solutions International (RSI) has recently been awarded a large Business Continuity Planning project for a Fortune 500 retailer. RSI will be implementing a web-based BCP tool that meets fourteen global BCP standards. The scope of work includes all aspects of the organization

June 26, 2013

Risk Solutions International (RSI) has been awarded a Business Continuity Planning project for a New York based Not-for-Profit. The new BCP plan will assist the organization in its operational recovery capability. The detailed scope of work includes all business functions of the organization

May 24, 2013

Risk Solutions International - Urgent Solidarity is a Nevada Department of Homeland Security & Division of Emergency Management jointly funded exercise series, focusing on earthquake preparedness for Washoe County schools

May 7, 2013

Risk Solutions International developed a new enhanced situational awareness module that can be added onto your emergency management plan website

March 12, 2013

Risk Solutions International - Duane Lohn, Executive Vice President and Managing Director will be attending this special event in Houston.......

February 13, 2013

Risk Solutions International - RSI Testifies at Connecticut School Security Task Force

Online Video: Scott Corzine of RSI at Gun Violence Prevention and Children's Safety Bipartisan Task Force

December 7, 2012

Risk Solutions International - Nevada Continuity of Operations Overview

November 28, 2012

Risk Solutions International is Sponsoring COOP Training

November 21, 2012

Risk Solutions International - SPARTAN NEWS and UPDATES

November 12, 2012

Risk Solutions International - RSI to Provide Complimentary Review of Emergency and Continuity Plans

April 25, 2012

Risk Solutions International - Michael Corby named to Advisory Board of the Centre for Strategic Cyberspace + Security Science

March 11, 2012

Risk Solutions International - Corby: Don't Let the Cloud Catch You Crying

January 31, 2012

Risk Solutions International - Corby: After All These Years, It's Still About the People

January 13, 2012

Risk Solutions International - Announces Environmental Sustainability Policy

November 10, 2011

Risk Solutions International - New Jersey Educator Uses RSI Plans During Catastrophic Flooding

November 7, 2011

RSI Conducts Large National Full Scale Bus Exercise

Online Video: Broken Axle

November 7, 2011

SPARTAN Executive Summary: State of Nevada Completes Web-based Emergency Plan Implmentation for all 17 County School Systems

- Full Length: Part 1
- Full Length: Part 2

August 9, 2011

Risk Solutions International - Douglas County COOP kickoff video

July 25, 2011

Risk Solutions International - Emergency Professionals to Stage Mock School Bus Crash

June 1, 2011

Risk Solutions International Launches New Information Security Practice

May 15, 2011

Risk Solutions International Engaged by State of Nevada to Develop Emergency and Operational Continuity Tools

Online Video: Nevada COOP Planning Project 2011 Overview

December 7, 2010

Risk Solutions International leads State of Nevada Governors Conference on School Safety

June 21, 2010

Risk Solutions International Names Michael Corby Risk Management and IT Security Pioneer Joins RSI as Vice President of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

September 28, 2009

Michael Balboni Named to Risk Solutions International’s Expert Advisory Board

August 19, 2008

Risk Solutions International to Address University Risk Managers at Impact 2008

July 7, 2008

"10 Things You Don't Know About Managing Your Business Operations Risks".....reprinted from the May 2008 edition of the American Management Association's Moving Ahead newsletter.

March 18, 2008

Risk Solutions International Forms Alliance With Agility Recovery Solutions

December 10 , 2007

Risk Solutions International & Willis Sponsor AAAE's Advanced Aiport Risk Conference

November 5 , 2007

Risk Solutions International Announces "Understanding School Shootings"

May 3, 2007

Risk Solutions International Provides Violent Behavior Experts for Education Clients


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